Peking University graduates sell pork in Beijing

Chen Sheng (left) and Lu Buxuan Photo:

Chen Sheng, a Peking University graduate, opened a chain of 12 pork shops in Beijing on October 20 and invited his schoolmate Lu Buxuan to work as the technical director of the shops.

On the morning of October 20, customers were waiting in line in front of one of the shops called Yi Hao Tu Zhu (壹号土猪) in Wumart (物美超市) near Jishuitan bridge in Beijing. Chen and Lu, in their working clothes, were busy promoting their pork. A lady wanted 500 grams of streaky pork. Lu cut a piece off a larger chunk and put it on the scale. It was just 500 grams, no more or no less. “This is a skill practiced for more than 10 years,” Lu smiled.

After graduating from Peking University in 1989, Lu went back to his hometown Xi’an and started selling pork there, which attracted enormous attention from the public at that time. In 2011, Chen established a butcher’s school and invited Lu to work as the principal.

Chen said he would open a total of 30 pork shops by the end of this year. He is aiming for 400 in the long run. His pork is priced at a 30% premium compared to ordinary pork. “Our pigs need 11 months to grow up, twice the ordinary pigs. What’s more, our pigs are fed with natural stuff and have more space to move around. It brings a childhood flavor,” Chen said.

In April, Chen re-visited his Alma Mater and gave a speech, in which he said he had disgraced the university by selling pork. But most of the students didn’t think it was a shame to sell pork. Due to the fact that it is not easy to find a job in Beijing, many graduates indicated that they’d like to work for Chen if Chen gave them a satisfactory salary. Chen said he would recruit students when the number of his shops reached 50 and he would also consider accepting Peking University graduates.

(Edited by Billie Feng)

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