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Chinese regulators formulate standards to guide smart home industry
Over the past few weeks, artificial intelligence (AI) robots made the headlines twice —with Google’s AlphaGo defeating world Go No.1 Ke Jie and China’s AI robots sitting gaokao, China’s national college entrance and outperforming human top scorers.
As AI technology continues to scale new heights, the time for its use in daily life seems ripe. Apple Inc has recently unveiled a smart speaker called HomePod featuring its intelligent assistant Siri inside, in the most recent sign of AI technology being applied to smart home system, the sector that AI technology is now mostly coveted by venture capital.
Amid the investment fever, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China’s IT industry regulator, plans to formulate standards for the country’s smart home and intelligent apparatus industry that is crippled by lack of innovation and information security threats.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) rolled out an action plan this April in a bid to upgrade and restructure consumption, in which smart home project is included in its efforts to innovate education and cultural information consumption.
It’s known that the smart home system includes not only hardware products like intelligent TV, air-conditioner, acoustics, and wearable devices, but also software like the Internet of Things and cloud platform that help communicate and analyze data.
With no unified technical and communications standards to make products of different manufacturers compatible, China’s smart home industry has failed to tap into the mass market over the past decade.
According to the MIIT, smart home has become a major channel to cultivate information consumption. Based on data provided by the MIIT to Caixin, the industry has realized rapid progress with its market scope reaching RMB 60.57 billion. It is expected the market would expand to RMB 139.6 billion in 2018.

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