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China's new national pose: Hangmu Style!

So China has successfully landed its first fighter jet on its aircraft carrier the Liaoning, how do the Chinese people feel about it? Proud? Exalted? Satisfied? Happy? Yes, all those things, and more. The Chinese find it, or to be more exact, a detail of the whole takeoff and landing procedure, very very funny indeed. Gone is the day of “Gangnam style”, it is “Hangmu Style” time!

Our editors modeling their own version of the latest hot pose: Hangmu Style! Turns out it's not as easy as it looks! Photo:

It all comes down to CCTV’s video clip of the takeoff of the fighter jet where the deck crew’s somewhat comical-looking gesticulation to direct the jet pilot caught the eye of the public. A craze of mimicking this “handsome” and “powerful” gesture followed suit and soon became a new online fashion.

Want to see the original model of China's new national pose? Here they are! Photo:

People donned all sort of funny costumes and posed to the camera everywhere they can. Then they shared their image with the world on the internet. Many branded their picture with the Chinese words “Go you!” or “Take off”, for comical effects. This new fashion was given a trendy new name in Chinese: Hangmu style. Hangmu is Mandarin, short for aircraft carrier.

The Chinese, old and young, demonstrating their own "Hangmu style". The character in the top right picture reads: Go you! Many people have sympathized over the poor cat in the down left picture. "It hasn't got a clue..." Photo: 

CCTV reported on this new fashion in its 7 o’clock News on the evening of November 26. The news of this time slot has always been considered too formal and rigid, therefore shunned by many people, especially young people. It is a nice change of style too, for CCTV.

And of course there are tons of comments on Weibo. Here are just a few for your entertainment:

@Li Cen explains originals(李岑讲读原版书): Hangmu Style, exercise for all.

@ShunShan (顺擅): Chinese characteristic.

@Cricket flies south (蝈蝈向南飞): PSY is out in a second!

@Next stop getting fat (下一站发福): Hangmu style, not easy to style!

@Jackyfire: Such fun pose is a demonstration of the happiness brought by a stronger country.

@Zijun twitter (子均twitter): The Chinese have their own sense of humor!

@Miaomiao cuicui3 (喵喵cuicui3): Inspiring! This pose is so cute!

@Oyster_ (海蛎子_): This hot pose is also to remember Luo Yang. This is our Hangmu style!

@Love’s Little Mengmeng (爱情小萌萌): The more popular it becomes, the more people are caring about China’s development.


Editor's Note: Need I say more?  I'll just quote the so far most quoted comment: It's a gesture of confidence. It's a gesture of pride. The exponentially growing rendition of the signaling of the Liaoning aircraft carrier marshallers is the Chinese people's way to show their love for the country.

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