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Annual bonuses that will blow your mind

For many Chinese, annual bonus is one of the most anticipated things before the Spring Festival, which marks the Chinese New Year. For the past three weeks, on the biggest Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, people have been flashing their trophies, some of which are mind boggling, and some downright embarrassing.

‘Tuhao’ bonus

It is golden, literally. Some companies in China are rewarding their most hardworking and successful employees with gold. Kingsoft, a Chinese software company, prepared gold medals each worth RMB100,000 to its “Employees of the Year” as shown in the previous picture. In Shenyang, capital city of China’s northeast Liaoning province, many enterprises chose gold bar as their choice of annual bonus for their employees, according to reports.

If you think gold bars are “tacky”, well, how about a Mercedes-Benz? A company in Shenzhen that specializes in unmanned helicopter flight control system bought 10 Mercedes cars for its best staff members. It was not the first time the company distributed cars as rewards though. It gave away 10 Volkswagen Golf cars as mid-year bonus in 2013. However, the lucky employees only have the right to use the cars which are temporarily owned by the company. They have to work for another five years for the company before the cars became their own. Clever thinking, yeah?

Cars have become a popular choice for many companies in China to give as annual bonus. Photo:


But nothing beats money when it comes to annual bonus, especially a lot of it. A real estate company in Henan forked out RMB11 million for its employees. Some got as much as 2 million and were photographed carrying away stacks of cash.

The bonuses are not a privilege of urban employees only, with farmers also joining the fray. In a village in Sichuan, notes totaling RMB13.115 million were piled on a line of tables while the villagers waited in line to get their share. Photo:

Villagers from a tea farm in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province got their end-of-year dough which was escorted to the scene by armed personnel from the bank. Photo:

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