Chinese health checkup company under fire for employing unlicensed doctors-Sino-US

Chinese health checkup company under fire for employing unlicensed doctors


Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Group, one of China's two biggest private healthcare companies, the other being iKang, has been accused of employing unlicensed doctors at the group's clinics.

Established in 2004, the listed company owns some 400 health check centers in about 200 cities nationwide.

On Monday, one former employee of Meinian anonymously told media that "Meinian was suspected of a variety of medical misconducts, such as doctors conducting MRI scans being unlicensed, customers often making complaints regarding incorrect checkup results, and unlicensed doctors conducting medical procedures in the name of retired or late specialists.

This is not the first time that accusations against the company have spread on Chinese social media, according to state media CGTN.

Guangzhou health authorities have started an investigation into the claims.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has ordered the company to review credentials of all staff and licenses and reply by August 1.

In response to the accusation, Meinian issued a statement the same day, saying "certain groups are conducting 'black operations' against the company on social media" and "the company has reported the incident to the police and is willing to assist in the investigation."

The Meinian scandal has triggered heated online debate about physical examination industry in the country, with many netizens commenting on posts about the topic on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo to denounce the company. 

"I just completed a physical examination at Meinian. Medics of the company were 'really' unprofessional, so I advise you guys to go to state-run hospitals for the checkup," @Aman-W said.

"I hope the authorities can conduct a thorough investigation into the case and hold suspects accountable," @ruge suiyue said.

The Meinian case is the latest medical scandal in China, coming after the country's largest vaccine maker Changchun Changshen in northeast China's Jilin Province was exposed to have supplied ineffective DPT (diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus) vaccines to be used on babies as young as three months old and forging data for its rabies vaccines.

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