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Ancient villages visit: Chuandixia village, Double Stone village and Baiyu village (Aug 25)


Location:           Mentougou County

Hiking Date:      2013-08-25-2013-08-25

Distance:           4-6km

Walking Time:          3-4h

Meeting Time:          8am

Meeting Place:         Exit B of Tuanjiehu(团结湖) Subway Station of Line 10

Number of People:         4-20

Level of Difficulty       :     Level 2

Price:          450 RMB

Make your reservation:


Time Arrangement:


Many ancient villages in rural Beijing offer a snapshot of history, as they have been preserved, virtually unchanged since they were built. Some folk villages are fascinating and delightful, that help you understand Chinese culture and ancient architecture.


During our trip, we will visit three ancient villages: Chuandixia Village, Double Stone Village and Baiyu Village. Chuandixia Village is an old hill village and is one of the most well conserved ones in all of China. It is situated on an ancient post road in the mountainous area This village is famously known as the "Potala Palace" of Beijing.


Double Stone village and Baiyu village are very lovely ancient villages. They still retain their original appearances. Some people there still live a very natural original lifestyle. You can see the doors which are made of branches and the houses which are made of stones.


The cost includes transportation, entry, water, guides, and a lunch.


What to bring on this hike?


    1. Snacks;

    2. Sun portection: hat, suncream, sunglasses;

    3. Good hiking boots, long pants.


Level 2: Easy Hikes


These hikes usually involve some easy walking and climbing at a slow pace. They rarely exceed 500 meters in elevation and 6 kilometers in length. The hiking time is about 3 hours and we usually have a picnic or lunch at a local restaurant afterwards.

For whom are Level 2 hikes suitable?

Children; elderly people; people who just want to do sightseeing and slightly physical outdoor activities.


Private Reservations of This Hike:


In addition to our regular weekly hikes, we also offers private tours. You can customize a private trip for you, your family or your friends exclusively. Just tell us what you want and we will organise a hike for you, with, places, guides, transport, food, and accommodation all taken care of.


You can make a private reservation on the private tour page.


Brief Introduction of Chuandixia Village:


Chuandixia Village is an old hill village and is one of the most well conserved ones in all of China. It covers an area of approximately 10, 000 square meters. It is situated on an ancient post road in the mountainous area This village is famously known as the "Potala Palace" of Beijing.


With a history that spans four hundred years, Chuandixia Village is an ideal place to spend one’s vacation. It is situated within Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, which is approximately ninety kilometres (or 31.3 miles) away from central Beijing, China. First built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Chuandixia Village preserves about 70 courtyard houses built with stones and wood. Numerous rooms (about seventy courtyards and nearly 500 rooms) are conserved within this city.


The village is nestled on the northern slopes of the mountain. The village blends in harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment. The houses and buildings mirror the old Chinese architecture and have been well maintained despite their age. Up until recently the village was home only to the Han family. They say that the ancestors that lived here had moved over to Shanxi Province at the time of the Ming Dynasty, in the Yongle Period. Due to the fact that the village is part of the Qingshui River Valley, there seems to be an abundant amount of greenery with wonderful lush green grass and trees in and around the environs of the village.

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