Foreign perspectives of China's 19th Party Congress
On the occasion of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, Chinese local media has interviewed foreign political figures, business leaders and academicians to get their perspectives on the congress, the country's achievements and dramatic changes.

Senior politician from Germany: this is a great moment for both China and the world

The Europe has high expectations and strong interest in the meeting; this is a great moment for China, and also for the world, said Jo Leinen, German politician and chairman of the Delegation for the Relations with China. Leinen is curious about the policies and directions China is to adopt and head toward in the next five years.

Russian scientist: the meeting will herald faster and better development

In the eyes of Zabolotnov Yuriy, a renowned Russian space scientist, the success of China is ascribed to the leadership of the Communist Party and socialist system. The 19th National Congress of the CPC would make China better and grow faster.

“As the ruling party, the CPC sticks to the socialist system, makes sure positive the results of the national economic growth could benefit people from all walks of lives, unlike some Western countries where good things just slip into pockets of the wealthy. I believe the meeting would come up with the right decisions and bring China better and faster development,” Yuriy who was awarded the 2016 Certificate of Friendship by the Chinese government.

CEO of Embraer S.A.: 19th National Congress of the CPC is the under global spotlight

According to Paul Cesar, the CEO of Embraer S.A., Brazil's top aviation industry company, this is a vital meeting, which will decide the future of China.

“The 19th National Congress of the CPC will be focus of global attention. Besides domestic policies, we're deeply interested in the economic signals from the meeting, including overseas investment, industrial cooperation, restructuring and upgrading,” he said.

Ambassador of Peru in Beijing: the meeting has attracted worldwide attention

Juan Carlos Capuay said that, as the second-biggest economy in the world, China has been striving to strengthen connectivity, and achieve inclusive development. With the success of the congress, it is believed the country would further push forward its Belt and Road initiative and realize regional integration.

In his point of view, the Belt and Road initiative will facilitate regional economic development, and bring growth to countries along the route. “If China's economy was affected, the world would be affected; if China had growth, the world economy would be the next to benefit from the growth,” he said.

Ambassador of New Zealand in Beijing: signals sent by the meeting would be highly anticipated

John McKinnon said that considering China's significant role in the world economy, signals sent by the meeting concerning domestic and global economic situation would be highly anticipated. Meanwhile, McKinnon has been paying attention to China's construction of legal system. Over years, China has been engaged in anti-corruption campaign. New Zealand is interested in how China will carry on domestic governance, while McKinnon is curious what would be the next move for the government to push forward anti-corruption efforts.

He expects to also know about China's next move in protecting the environment. “China has adjusted its environmental protection policies, and now is focusing on improving the qualities of air, water and land.

Ambassador of France in Beijing: it is hoped the meeting would strengthen cooperation between China and France

On October 12, when Jean-Maurice Ripert, the new French Ambassador to Beijing attended a press conference, he expressed the hope that the 19th Party Congress could help sustain and strengthen the cooperation between China and France.

Ripert said the new directions and policies decided by the meeting would be highly valued, because they will determine China's moves in global affairs in the next five years, and a new cooperative framework between China and France and between China and Europe.

Senior French politician: the CPC's ruling power would be further boosted

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, veteran French politician said China is playing a brand new role worldwide, so President Xi and the Communist Party of China are facing many challenges. China is expected to bring forward its social and economic reforms. Meanwhile, based on the achievements of the Party over the past five years, its power to govern is expected to be further elevated.  

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