Xi shows direction for reconciliation between mainland, Taiwan: official

Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, at a forum in Xiamen. Photo: Xinhua

The work report Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) provides basic principles and measures for the handling of the relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, according to a mainland official.

In an interview with Sino-US.com, Zhang Zhijun, head of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said, "(The work report) puts forward a series of major policy measures to boost the cross-straits exchanges and cooperation and reflects General Secretary Xi's key thoughts on deepening the integration of the two sides' economies and societies."

Zhang hoped that Taiwan compatriots could feel the Chinese mainland's sincerity and take the opportunity to develop with the mainland.

In yesterday's report, Xi stressed the great importance of the Taiwan issue, vowing to use the "one country, two systems" policy to realize the unification of China. In order to reach the goal, Xi said in his report that the Chinese mainland will "expand the economic and cultural exchanges with Taiwan to achieve mutual benefits" and will "gradually offer the Taiwanese on the mainland the same treatments as mainland citizens in areas of education, employment, business and life".

Meanwhile, Xi showed in his report respect to Taiwan's current social system and Taiwanese lifestyle.

However, the Chinese president reaffirmed the mainland's bottom line, saying that Beijing has the "strong confidence and ability" to thwart the separatists who want to split Taiwan from China. "The 1992 Consensus which supports the one China principle defines the fundamental nature of the cross-straits relations and is the key to the peaceful development of the mainland-Taiwan relations."

Zhang described the Taiwan-related remarks Xi made in his report as offering a direction for the future mainland-Taiwan political relations and conveying the "biggest goodwill". Zhang also said that under the framework of the 1992 Consensus, any political parties and groups in Taiwan will have no difficulty in communicating with the mainland.

Zhang criticized Taiwan's separatists for eliminating Chinese elements in textbooks and trying to establish a pro-independence institution.

"We have to maintain sharp vigilance on the separatist activities and will never put up with Taiwan's independence through legal means," said Zhang.

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