Why is 19th Party Congress capturing Chinese-American community’s attention?
With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opening on October 18th Wednesday, world’s attention has once again been captured by China which is expected to unveil its development goals for the coming years while summarizing what it has brought to both China and the world over the past five years. 
While a revision of the Constitution of the CPC, new members to CPC’s leading group as well as some other personnel rearrangements would all be the focus of the Party Congress, here are some of the other aspects Chinese Americans are looking forward to.
New idea and new plans
Chinese Americans have witnessed both rapid development and upgrade in China’s economy over the past five years, while many were worrying about the country’s direction in the midst of several social and economic dilemmas like overcapacity and employment crisis. China’s economic growth rate has remained over 6%, and the development is visible in every respect of the society and people’s livelihood - a nationwide high-speed express train system, environmentally and economically friendly shared bikes all over the streets as well as a cashless payment system have all changed people’s life in an unprecedented way. 
The achievements in terms of high-speed railway system, high-tech areas like the quantum satellite, as well as advancements of several Chinese domestic enterprises like Huawei and ZTE which have become rivals of high-end enterprises from Europe and America can show China has transferred from an agriculture-and-industry-oriented society to an information-and-communication-oriented society. 
But there is also the question of whether China can overcome the so-called ‘middle-income trap’, which makes it noteworthy to think about questions like what would be China’s new ideas and new plans for the next five years or beyond.
China and the world
China’s contribution to the world over the past five years can not only be seen in the global economic growth, but also “China experience” and “China solution” it has provided to the world development. The “Belt and Road Initiative”, for example, not only focuses on people-to-people communication and material exchanges, but also is dedicated to building a new global trend of mutual benefit and win-win situation by breaking protectionism and isolationism. China’s development direction not only matters to the world development, but also has significant meaning to the Chinese-American community. When the world gets dividend from China’s development, it would also benefit overseas Chinese communities.
Chinese Dream
Since Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the concept of “Chinese Dream”, the phrase has become a buzzword over the past five years. China’s poverty alleviation efforts and the passage of Civil Code also have significant meaning to overseas Chinese community. 
China has made a series of policies which can benefit overseas Chinese concerning investment, startup, social welfare and education, and so on. In future, there would be more policies targeting overseas Chinese community as the country is aiming to build a well-off society in an all-round way and improve the rights and dignity of its people living both inside and outside the country.

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