China reaffirms further opening up
China reaffirmed on Friday that it will become more open to the world, continue to enhance engagement under international economic rules as well as make its investment environment more attractive to foreign countries.
“China has been opposing trade protectionism and strengthening fair competition as well as enhancing property rights protection since it joined the World Trade Organization. Facts speak louder than words,” said Wang Guoqing, spokesperson for the first session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). 
Wang made the remarks in Beijing on Friday during a press conference for the first session of the 13th CPPCC which opens on Saturday and ends on March 13.
“China has been and will always follow the road of opening up and firmly support an open world economy. China is a vindicator, constructor as well as a contributor to the multilateral trade system,” he said when responding to comments by some US officials that China’s entry into the WTO was a mistake. 
Wang added what worries the members of the WTO is the unilateral action taken by the US.
“What we want to say is that as important members of the WTO, both China and the US have responsibility to maintain the authority of the rules of WTO, and to optimize the fairness and openness of the multilateral trade rules based on trade and economic principles,” he said.
He also reiterated that China will only become more open. 
“We will strengthen the connection with international economic and trade rules, substantially ease market access and expand the service sector, especially the financial sector,” Wang said.
Trade friction between China and the US has grabbed the attention of Chinese leaders in recent weeks. While some experts expected that one of China’s top economic advisers, Liu He’s recent visit to the US was an effort to ease trade tensions between the two countries, the US Commerce Department announced a final ruling to impose steep anti-dumping duties and anti-subsidy duties on imports of Chinese aluminum foil last Tuesday.
Besides trade friction, Chinese companies investing in the US also face restrictions, on which China’s Ministry of Commerce said the US is “politicizing” some of the trade issues between the two countries.
During the press conference on Friday, Wang also refuted claims that China is using the so-called “sharp power” to spread political influence on Western countries, saying it is nothing but a phrase “invented to smear China.”
He said some Western powers are treating China with prejudice, discrimination and hostility, calling it essentially a new version of the "China threat theory."

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