Step-by-step denuclearization of North Korea the only feasible way: expert

President Donald Trump holds up a document signed by him and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un following a signing ceremony at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Photo: Getty Images

Achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula step by step could be the only feasible method that both the United States and North Korea can adopt to deal with their differences, as Donald Trump's capricious attitude toward his meeting with Kim Jong-un and Kim's angry words in the statements targeting a US-South Korea military drill are just bargaining chips on the negotiating table, according to an expert.

"Strategically and technically, denuclearizing North Korea in a gradual way is a feasible method that the United States and North Korea could agree on," Yue Li, a senior fellow of the Pangoal Institution, a Chinese think tank, told

After the meeting with Kim on June 12, Trump said that the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula would begin "very quickly". The two leaders also signed a document, according to which North Korea commits to work toward denuclearization.

The United States has the sincerity of mending ties with North Korea, while North Korea is serious about denuclearization but on the condition that the security of its regime can be guaranteed, the diplomatic pressure can be relieved and the United States can lift economic sanctions, said Yue.

Yue said that only when the United States meets the needs of North Korea can Pyongyang go on the path that Washington favors.

Yue predicted that North Korea would be more patient than before in the face of American pressures like continuing the military drill with South Korea and postponing the cancelation of the economic sanctions because Pyongyang urgently needs to ease tensions with Washington.

The United States would adopt a wait and see attitude and make a response when North Korea takes actual steps for denuclearization, said Yue.

The meeting between Trump and Kim just sets the tone for the following negotiations which will center on the specific measures of denuclearization and lifting American sanctions, noted Yue.

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