Singapore summit just a beginning of long peace process: expert

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reaches to shake President Trump's hand at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday. Photo: AP

The joint document signed by US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after their historic summit in Singapore sets an overall direction for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and normalization of the relationship between the United States and North Korea, an expert said.

Although the contents of the joint document are cliché, it specifies that North Korea will denuclearize in exchange for America's security guarantee, An Gang, a senior fellow at the Pangoal Institution, a Chinese think tank, told

More details about the steps of denuclearization would be discussed in the following negotiations, said An.

The Singapore summit between Trump and Kim is just a beginning of the peace process on the Korean Peninsula, which is full of turns and twists, said An, adding that more rounds of bilateral and multilateral talks are needed to keep it going smoothly.

The historic Trump-Kim summit came after North Korea's missile and nuclear tests in the recent two years fueled international fears about a war on the Korean Peninsula, and helps build mutual trust between the two old enemies, which have long criticized each other for not seriously honoring agreements.

"The signing of the joint document is witnessed by the international community, and whoever violates it will attract condemnation," said An.

The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula would also lead to the demilitarization of the Northeast Asia, where the United States has strong military presence, said An.

At a post-summit press conference on June 12 in Singapore, Trump pledged to stop war games with South Korea, which North Korea sees as preparation for invasion. The US president also mentioned the possibility of withdrawing US troops from South Korea.

In An's opinion, China will continue to play a big role in the process of denuclearization and will restart the long-suspended six-party talks at a proper time.

At the post-summit press conference in Singapore, Trump specially thanked China for its efforts in pressing North Korea to the negotiating table, in a sign of China's great influence on the affairs of the Korean Peninsula.

Before the Trump-Kim summit, the young North Korean leader also visited the Chinese cities of Beijing and Dalian for meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has reportedly pledged a security guarantee to Kim if the latter agrees on denuclearization.

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