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Year in review: Top China stories of 2017
6. A criminal case which triggered debate over legal justice
Shandong Yuanda Industry and Trade owned by Su Yinxia, mother of Yu Huan Photo: Weibo
Turning to social issues which have made headlines in 2017. 
A usury case in which a young Chinese man killed a loan shark for his lewd behavior against the young man’s mother triggered a nationwide discussion over whether the court should have shown more leniency.
The man was sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court in February, but an article written by China’s influential Southern Weekly about the behind-the-scene story about the case in March triggered a nationwide outcry over the court’s original verdict, with many defending the young man for protecting his mother, and criticizing the police for misconduct. 
In June, a higher court overturned the life imprisonment and reduced the punishment to five years in prison, saying the young man was “stopping an unlawful attack” against himself and his mother, though his self-defense should be seen as an “excessive defense.”
Also, several police involved in the case were denounced of failing to control the scene effectively, but were not found guilty of dereliction of duty.

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