Teacher said to have forced pupils to drink pee, eat snot

A kindergarten teacher from Hebei Province has denied reports that she pricked her students with a pin as new accusations emerged saying she forced her pupils to behave by making them drink urine and eat their own snot.

The Beijing Morning Post reported the pin pricking allegation on Friday and on Saturday followed up with a story from two pupils who complained about the disgusting treatment they endured from their 19-year-old teacher, surnamed Zhang, at the Yanjiao Youyou Kindergarten.

The two 5-year-old boys told their parents that Zhang asked boys to urinate in a pop bottle and forced those who acted up to drink it.

Both children showed their parents how Zhang would stuff paper up their nose. One of the mothers of the children said Zhang forced her son to eat his own nasal mucus.

The parents also told the newspaper that Zhang pricked their children with pins and frightened them with a knife.

Zhang was quoted by the newspaper as flatly denying the pin-pricking allegation. "It is absolutely untrue. I am under a lot of pressure right now and can't even walk out of the school gate," said Zhang, suggesting her reputation is ruined and she fears being abused.

Zhang could not be reached by the Global Times as of press time on Sunday and she was not quoted in the newspaper's story on Saturday.

The kindergarten has been ordered closed while authorities investigate, the kindergarten's director surnamed Peng told the newspaper.

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