2016 Expat Life Awards & Beijing Expat Fair
Editor: Chunmei    Designer: Steve Zhao

Expat Life Awards 2016

September 10 (Saturday)
3rd floor ballroom of Capital Club

Beijing today is no longer a consumer hardship posting for expatriates.

The opposite, there is a wide and very diverse range of products and services available. In fact there is now so much choice that at times it is hard to know what to buy or which service provider to use.

The ELAs have been designed so that the Expatriate community can show their support for their preferred vendors.

The winning vendor will be able to proudly confirm to new arrivals and old hands alike that they were awarded an ELA in recognition of the quality of their services.

The winners will be decided via on-line voting.

This is your chance to help decide which is Beijing’s best Expat Mag, Dentist, Chinese language School, Hospital, Real Estate Agency etc.
YOU, and another few thousand people like you will determine who is the BEST in each category.
To participate in the voting click here


The FCGroup organizes networking events in Beijing every Tuesday, organizes monthly Daytrips and larger events once per Quarter.

The Founder of FCGroup, Colin Friedman, has been organizing events since the 1970's. The highlights have included Folk Music Festivals in Israel, a Chinese Language and Culture Exhibition in Beijing, bringing the East Meets West – End (that's London's West End) Musical to Beijing, Expat Services Expos in Beijing and, since March 2007, regular networking events in Beijing and of course the now well-known Netbonding "Escape Concrete Beijing" daytrips to the quiet and beautiful rural Beijing.

More information about the Expat Life Awards 2016.