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Thirty-five years ago, two global giants buried the hatchet to make friend. From intense rivalry to win-win cooperation, the rapport between the world's two largest economies reshaped the world politics and has grown to become the most important bilateral relationship on the global stage.
China and the US established diplomatic relations on January 1, 1979, opening a new page in the world history. Thanks to the joint efforts of successive leaders and the peoples of both countries, the China-US ties in the past decades have achieved historic growth despite some ups and downs.
To mark the anniversary, here we present some of the historic moments in the relationship and look at its future prospects.
The then US President Richard Nixon shakes hand with then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai in Beijing on on February 21, 1972, when he made an ice-breaking trip to China. Nixon became the first American president to visit China. On February 28, China and the US issued Joint Communique in Shanghai, marking the normalization of the China-US relations and lifting the Cold War shadow that marred the bilateral ties. It turned to be a visit that reshaped the world politics.
Xi opens new era for Sino-US relations
Xi opens new era for Sino-US relations
Today, no other relationship in the world is as profound and important as the Sino-US relationship. Aware of its significance, the countries have deepened their engagements and expressed interest in taking the relationship to new level. During their summit at the Sunnylands, California in June 2013, and Chinese president Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama agreed to establish a new type of great power relationship between the two countries.
The Xi-Obama meeting made a new blueprint for the future development of the Sino-US relations. After the meeting, China's high-ranking officials paid a series of visits to the US, 【More】

The future prospects of China-US relations
The future prospects of China-US relations
Despite twists and turns, the China-US relationship has grown from estrangement to deepening engagement in past 35 years. The strategic significance and influence of the Sino-US relations on the rest of the world is becoming increasingly obvious. Where is the relationship headed in 2014?
Experts have put forward a principle based on mutual trust and respect: China and the US should make clear their strategic goals to each other, pre-set an ultimate demarcation line and formulate their own foreign policy accordingly so that both of them can follow the rules and exercise self-restraint.【More】
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