Peking Opera lianpu – turning art into businessPeking Opera lianpu – turning art into businessFacial Make-up (or lianpu) in Peking Opera, an intangible cultural heritage at local level, is facing difficulties in continuing its tradition, even though it has won some popularity among the young people since China’s reform and opening-up.

The story behind Tu’er Ye sculpture and its modern revivalThe story behind Tu’er Ye sculpture and its modern revivalTourists to Beijing are all familiar with a funny-looking sculpture at souvenir shops: a man dressed in an ancient warrior’s dress with …

Master of hand-painted silk Xu QingMaster of hand-painted silk Xu QingXu Qing (续清), who was born in 1954, is recognized as one of the most accomplished traditional art masters in Beijing. Currently, she is…

Jade-carving master Yang BaoZhongJade-carving master Yang BaoZhongSince the dawn of Chinese civilization, jade has been a highly treasured object.

Beijing appliqué work in danger of extinctionBeijing appliqué work in danger of extinctionAppliqué work is popular all across China, but Beijing appliqué work, which originated from embroidery, is the most famous. It reflects…

A young man devoted to traditional handicraftA young man devoted to traditional handicraftIn his studio in Beijing Bai-gong-fang (京城百工坊), Xiao Jing (萧静) is working hard to create about 300 “hairy monkeys” (毛猴), or “…

Xu Yang: An open-minded Chinese paper-cutting masterXu Yang: An open-minded Chinese paper-cutting masterSitting in front of his worktable in his studio, he can create various patterns with a piece of paper and a pair of scissors without the …

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"It is probably our last chance to save our intangible cultural heritage now and we need to take action," said Qiao Xiaoguang, director of the Research Center of Intangible Heritage of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

Yang fuxi, the 10th-generation inheritor of Beijing "Juyuanhao" (聚元号) bows and arrows, said his father died before he could learn the last three techniques from him; there were over 100 shadow plays (皮影戏) in western Gansu province in the 1950s, but now the best artists there can only perform around 20 of them. That so many items of intangible cultural heritage are coming closer to the brink of extinction is a worrying fact and practical protection measures are badly needed.


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