As our world faces complex global challenges, it requires many more innovators to come up with sustainable, scalable and high-impact solutions. FYSE believes that people are the key to positive change and that investing especially investing in the social leadership of women is the key to sustainable development.

The day-long conference is designed to inspire more women to pursue their passion, think big and come together to address societal challenges in the 21st century. Women had the opportunity to network with local and national entrepreneurial role models discussing their ideas, failures, successes and lessons learned.

September 14, 2013 | Beijing
北京 Beijing
"Women in Social Enterprise (WISE)" aims to inspire, educate and motivate the next generation of women to become social leaders.
With 150 entrepreneurial women and acclaimed female social entrepreneurs as speakers in attendance; the conference is also an incredible networking opportunity.

Charlene Wang: Asia’s social changemakers
Charlene Wang: Asia’s social changemakers
After working for the US foreign service for 6 years Charlene Wang founded Tranquil Tuesdays, a Beijing based social firm selling tea and artisan teaware. Founded on her passion for tea and her commitment for women empowerment she has build the venture to train and hire Chinese women who are havi…

Tian Zhongmin: Challenges for social entrepreneurship in China
Tian Zhongmin: Challenges for social entrepreneurship in China
Tian Zhongmin is the founder and CEO of the Beijing Jintian Autism Training Centre, an organization providing education and boarding to children and youth with autism.

Song Qinhua - Founder, Shining Stone
宋庆华 - 创办人, 社区参与行动
Yan Shi - Founder, Little Donkey Farm;
and Shared Harvest
石嫣 - 创办人, 小毛驴市民农园
Zheng Hong - Founder, Dandelion School
郑洪 - 创办人, 蒲公英中学
Zhai Yan - Founder, Huizeren
创办人, 惠泽人咨询服务中心
Sahra Malik - Co-Founder, Shangrila Farms
Feng Yuan - Founder, Women's Media
Monitoring Network
冯媛 - 创办人, 妇女传媒监测网络
上海 Shanghai
October 27, 2013 | Shanghai
成都 Chengdu
Chengdu | December 8, 2013
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