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  • A Chinese court has dismissed an appeal by disgraced politician Bo Xilai of the guilty verdict and life sentence he was handed last month.
  • A high court in eastern China yesterday (October 9) formally accepted Bo Xilai’s appeal against his conviction for bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power, although it seems the news failed to mak…
  • Observers said Bo Xilai is likely to lodge an appeal after the Jinan court sentenced him to life imprisonment on September 22.
  • The Jinan court hearing the case of former Politburo member Bo Xilai will pass a verdict on September 22, the court announced on its official Weibo account on Wednesday.
  • Former Chongqing Party chief Bo Xilai on Sunday denied the charge of abusing power to cover up a murder case involving his wife and to sack a police chief without proper procedures.
  • Bo Xilai gets life in prison
  • Bo Xilai trial ends, guilty verdict pending
  • Bo Xilai's trial begins at Jinan court
  • Woman petitions outside court ahead of Bo's trial
  • Bo Xilai may get life imprisonment or suspended death …
  • A court in eastern China has found former senior politician Bo Xilai guilty of charges of corruption, taking bribes and abuse of power, sentencing the ousted official to life in prison and stripping…
  • The trial of Chinese politician Bo Xilai wound to a dramatic end Monday with Bo accusing the chief witness of being in love with his wife, and prosecutors demanding a stiff sentence to punish him fo…
  • Outside of the Intermediate People's Court in Jinan ahead of Bo Xilai's trial.
  • These are songs that have saved the nation, built up the nation and strengthened the nation. Some question that this is a return to the Cultural Revolution. If only you could experience it for yourself, you would know that that is not the case.
  • I have limited capacity. But I believe that early bird catches the worm. If we can make persistent effort, we will reap rewards.
  • Improving people's livelihood doesn't only mean eating braised pork in brown sauce or wearing pretty clothes... A healthy spiritual life is also very important.
Bo Xilai 薄熙来
Bo Xilai
Bo Xilai was one of the Communist Party's top leaders before he was felled by the most sensational political scandal to rock China in recent years.
He was charged with bribery, corruption and abuse of power on 25 July 2013 in Jinan, Shandong province.
Wang Lijun 王立军
Wang Lijun
As police chief of one of the biggest Chinese metropolises, he was hailed as a hero for his campaigns against crimes, but today he was jailed as a prisoner for the crimes he committed. It's actually not far from a hero to a prisoner, as what happened to Wang Lijun.
Gu Kailai 谷开来
Gu Kailai
Gu Kalai, born on 15 November 1958, is a Chinese lawyer and businesswoman. She is the youngest of five daughters of General Gu Jingsheng, a prominent revolutionary in the years before the Chinese Communist Party took power.
Bo Guagua 薄瓜瓜
Bo Guagua
Bo Guagua, born on December 17, 1987, is the second son of former Chinese politician Bo Xilai, and the only child of Gu Kailai. Bo was the first mainland Chinese citizen to attend the Harrow School in England, and he later attended the Oxford University.
Timeline: Bo Xilai scandal
Since early 2012, the downfall of a man considered a rising star in China's Communist Party has become one of the country's most closely watched political scandals. Blending allegations of murder, espionage, sex, and corruption, the veritable soap opera unfolded in the final months of Hu Jintao's premiership, creating an unwanted distraction as leading figures haggled for influence in the team to lead China for the next 10 years.

Bo Xilai stands trialGu Kailai, wife of former politician Bo Xilai, is set to stand trial over the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood. Photograph: Reuters

Bo Xilai stands trial-8Gu Kailai poses near the northeastern city of Dalian in June 1997, in a photo provided to The Wall Street Journal.

Bo Xilai stands trial-7Bo Xilai's son Bo Guagua has 'enrolled at Columbia Law School’

Bo Xilai stands trial-5On Feb. 28, 2010, Wang Lijun and other five people were rewarded as heroes of Chongqing, because they made significant contributions on crime crackdown.

Bo Xilai stands trial-6In 2009, Bo condoled to the members of polices that crack downed the gangs, Chongqing.

Bo Xilai stands trial-4In 2008, Bo Xilai served as secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee.

Bo Xilai stands trial-3In 2001, Bo said goodbye to Dalian people when he served as the governor of Liaoning province.

Bo Xilai stands trial-2In 1996, as the mayor of Dalian, Bo Xilai introduced the whole picture of Dalian to the media. Photo: Agencies

Bo Xilai stands trial-1Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai, and son Bo Guagua. Photo: Fenghua

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