2014 Expat Life Awards & Beijing Expat Fair
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Expat Fair helps introduce best products, services
The FCGroup, a Beijing-based company which regularly organizes networking events for the foreigners in Beijing, held its first Expat Fair on Sunday where a wide range of products and services catering to expats were on sale.
The Expat Fair attracted nearly 30 exhibitors from almost all the industries that have something to do with the life of foreigners in Beijing...

Expat Life Awards

China Expert International Ltd. and the FCGroup are proud to be the organisers of the 1st Annual ELAs (Expat Life Awards).
Sunday 21 September 2014 from 10:00 to 18:00
Second floor gallery, The Hilton Beijing (Liangma Qiao)

Beijing today is no longer a consumer hardship posting for expatriates. The opposite, there is a wide and very diverse range of products and services available. In fact there is now so much choice that at times it is hard to know what to buy or which service provider to use.

The ELAs have been designed so that the Expatriate community can show their support for their preferred vendors. The winning vendor will be able to proudly confirm to new arrivals and old hands alike that they were awarded an ELA in recognition of the quality of their services.

The 2014 ELAs will be granted to over 20 categories of service providers.

The winners will be decided by an on-line voting mechanism which will permit each valid email address to vote only once.

The Expat Life Award Ceremony and the Expat Fair will be held on Sunday 21 September 2014 in the Hilton Beijing.

You decide which is the best expat mag, dentist, mandarin school, hospital, real estate agency etc.
To vote click here

Beijing Expat Fair

The Expat Fair is a day-long activity to showcase the best providers of services and products of interest to Beijing's foreign population. It will be held in the Hilton Beijing on 21 September, 10:00am – 18:00pm.

It is organized by Expats for Expats and includes a diverse range of vendors ranging from the "Wow! Never knew I could get that in Beijing" through to some of Beijing's best known and favorites.

The Expat Fair is open to the public and there is no admission charge.


The FCGroup organizes networking events in Beijing every Tuesday, organizes monthly Daytrips and larger events once per Quarter.

The Founder of FCGroup, Colin Friedman, has been organizing events since the 1970's. The highlights have included Folk Music Festivals in Israel, a Chinese Language and Culture Exhibition in Beijing, bringing the East Meets West – End (that's London's West End) Musical to Beijing, Expat Services Expos in Beijing and, since March 2007, regular networking events in Beijing and of course the now well-known Netbonding "Escape Concrete Beijing" daytrips to the quiet and beautiful rural Beijing.

FCGroup offers Best of Beijing Member Discount Card which entitles the card-holder not only to a discounted entrance price to FCGroup networking events but also to discounts from a diverse range of quality vendors and service providers.

About the FCGroup networking events

The FCGroup™ organises networking events in Beijing every Tuesday, organises monthly Daytrips and larger events once per Quarter.

The FCGroup™ is designed to help people Netbond. That is to say it is something far more powerful than a standard networking platform. The FCGroup™ pro-actively helps people to build and strengthen business and professional connections and guanxi in order to leverage and focus business and career objectives.

The FCGroup™ provides a unique platform of industry themed networking events at which the art of small talk becomes the stepping-stone to big business. The FCGroup™'s events are open to one and all who are able to converse in English and attract an equal number of English speaking Chinese and English speaking foreigners.

The FCGroup™ organises networking events in Beijing every Tuesday

- 1st Tuesday: Foreigners and Chinese – An All Industry social networking evening to help stimulate new ideas that can only be found outside the box.

- 2nd Tuesday: Future and Career social networking evening to matchmake job seekers with staff seekers and young professionals with mentors.

- 3rd Tuesday: F.A.M.E. and Communicators social networking evening – An evening where FAME Fashion, Media, Arts, Entertainment meets PRAMS Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Sales.

- 4th Tuesday: Finance and Commerce. A social networking evening for BEEF & I … Business, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Finance and Investors, Start-Ups, Hi Tech, Legal. The FCGroup™ additionally organises larger scale events once a quarter and during the warmer months "Escape Concrete Beijing" daytrips and promotional events for companies.

The Quarterly events are:
March 8 – The Annual WOW Awards for Wonderful Outstanding Women in Beijing.
June – The Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair.
September – Beijing Expat Fair
November - The Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair.
December – "Out with the Old" Charity event
The FCGroup™ range of services includes the provision of Foreign Consultants. The FCGroup has a database of over 12,000 people in Beijing and covers most industries.

Building B, Office 1910, Jinyu Kele, Shuangqiao Road, Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100024 China
Office: +86 10 5240 1938
Mobile: +86 139 1109 8002 (Colin)
Mobile: + 86 159 7842 7709 (Natasha)
Email: [email protected] (Colin)
General Queries & Business Opportunities: [email protected]
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