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China's Naoko Takagi died of cancer

Xiong Dun and her self-portrait cartoon.

Young cartoonist Xiong Dun (熊顿 in Chinese characters), 30, hailed as the“Naoko Takagi”in China passed away this November 16. The unexpected sad news quickly spreads on weibo, China’s twitter, for that the talented, lovely and brave cartoon sweet heart was so deeply loved by her fans and those who care about her.

From last year, Xiong began to serialize her comic strip titled Go to the Devil, Mr. Tumor on, a well-known portal website in China about her personal experiences about fighting cancer. Although the work once again proved Xiong Dun's talent in creating laughers, her fans at the time were shocked and saddened by the fact that she got cancer.

Many viewers were immediately drawn in by the funny opening of the series:

I got really sick that morning (August 21, 2011) and practically dragged myself everywhere before collapsing onto the ground suddenly, losing all consciousness, foaming and twitching. The most terrible part is…I was totally naked …at the time.

With my sweet roommate screaming around for help, all I could think of was "Oh, that's the reason why I’m not supposed to go to bed…naked."

One drawing from Go To Hell, Mr. Tumor by Xiong Dun to depict the scene of her 'drop-dead'.

With her signature jocular dialogue and lovely paintings, Xiong impressed all viewers with her optimistic spirit and comic talents in turning something such painful and worrisome into fun materials.
Xiong Dun later confirmed to a reporter from Huaxi Metropolitan Daily she began to receive chemotherapy in Beijing.

Xiong Dun, from east China's Zhejiang province used to work as a full-time illustrator for an advertising company in Beijing before being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, after a “drop-dead” experience.

Before the hit series, Xiong's previous comics like A Bachelorette's Diary, Superwoman on Diet, or Maturing into Womanhood issued online had already gained her fame online.

During a phone interview last year, the strong willed girl once reflected on her living style. "Although doctors could not identify the main cause to my illness, they are quite sure it has something to do with the way I led my life." Xiong Dun admitted at the time she often stayed up late to meet deadlines.

"Several of my cartoonist friends also suffer from ill health. I hope my illness will sound alarm bells to those workaholics like me. You know, everyone should cherish their life and heath," Xiong Dun was quoted as saying.

Now, she finally failed in the battle with Mr. Tumor. But for those who really love her, the girl with strong heart and forever uplifting spirit would live on in their hearts. May her peace in heavy!  

@XIXI girl兮兮的丫头: Although the series would never be updated, I want to thank her for showing us her brave heart. 

@Wang A Jiong王阿囧爱囧囧: After watching her comics, I could not help myself but sigh for such a good girl. We could not predict when we will die or even fight against our destinies, all we could do is to make each day we live worth.


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