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Photos: Rare wild animals in Tibet

Strong and sturdy, Tibetan horse bears live in mountain forests and are omnivorous animals. Photo: China Tibet Online


Wild yaks (野牦牛), the ancestors of home-fed yaks, are regional animals living in Chinese plateau zone. Once widely distributed, they can be seen now mainly on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Featuring thick fur, they are extremely resistant to cold weather. All year round, wild yaks live on mountain slopes, feeding on tender grass. The tongue, full of thorns, is their major weapon. Photo: China Tibet Online

Belonging to the bird family, black-necked cranes (黑颈鹤) are the only cranes reproducing on the plateau and are precious birds seen only in China. Photo: China Tibet Online

Marmots (土拨鼠), categorized as Muridae, are adept at digging holes. The long row of teeth gives them an inert, clumsy but likable appearance. Marmots, as acute animals, are alert to surrounding environment. So do not scare them since they are afraid of people. Photo: China Tibet Online

Pikas (鼠兔) live in the grasslands of Tibetan plateau. Pikas are tailless and have round body. Related to Leporidae, they are not fully classified as Muridae. Photo: China Tibet Online

Red foxes (红狐狸), with lanky body, sharp month, whopping ears and short limbs, drag a long tail behind. Have strong adaptive ability, they are able to find habitat in different living environment. Photo: China Tibet Online.


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